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Drywall Revised and Updated (by Myron R. Ferguson) – Book Review

Drywall Revised and Updated (by Myron R. Ferguson) – Book Review

  • Title: Drywall Revised and Update, 4th Edition
  • Author: Myron R. Ferguson
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Cost: $17.71 (at time of review) from Amazon.com.
  • Overall: (4.0 of 5.0)  A great book to understand the basics of hanging and finishing drywall, all the tools you’ll need, the various materials available and a variety of techniques.
  • Link To Amazon:  Drywall: Professional Techniques for Great Results (Fine Homebuilding DVD Workshop)


It is very likely that if you start a home improvement project you or your contractor will at some point need to work with drywall.  Whether or not you choose to do the drywall yourself or hire someone, it is important to understand the process and the tools so you can insert yourself into the process if need be.  I personally hire drywall crews on all my projects no matter how big or small but if you choose to complete the drywall phase of a project yourself this is a great resource.

Things I liked:

  • The companion DVD.  The DVD is very well done.  It walks you through the entire drywall phase of a new home construction project.  Myron covers everything from building a materials list to applying custom drywall textures.
  • Sound Control.  I think most people think drywall is simply a flat surface affixed to the framing that you can paint.  Having been the owner of a house with thin, poorly insulated walls, I have a great appreciation for the sound control properties of drywall in conjunction with other products and techniques.  This book (Chapter 9) is excellent at explaining the techniques necessary to ensure your home is both beautiful and quiet.
  • Materials Templates.  Myron provides some great templates in Chapter 1 that help you build a materials list and create a budget for your project.  Having a budget is a great resource regardless of whether you will do it yourself or hire a contractor.  If you hire a contractor you can accurately determine the accuracy of the quotes.  You can then choose to buy the materials yourself and hire a contractor to do the labor.
  • Hanging and Taping.  Chapters 2-4  provide a thorough understanding of the tools, hanging techniques, taping and finishing techniques used to get a fantastic finish on your drywall.

Thing I didn’t like:

  • Smooth Walls Only.  Although Myron does go into various techniques for decorating drywall (Chapter 8) I wish there had been more time spent on the different types of textures available and the techniques for each.  The section was a bit brief since advanced final finishes are of interest to me.

This is a great book.  You should enjoy reading  and referencing it.  Happy spraying and let me know if you have any questions.

1 thought on “Drywall Revised and Updated (by Myron R. Ferguson) – Book Review”

  1. This revised version of Drywall gives readers information on new tools and materials and techniques that Myron has field-tested since the last revision in 2008. For the first time the book also includes a bound-in DVD with tips and techniques for hassle-free drywall installation. Drywall, 4th Edition, offers the very latest information with the familiar easy-to-use format that made the first three editions such great successes. This book has photos and guides to putting drywall in a variety of places and working through several difficult drywall problems. If you’re a do it yourself type, it would be helpful, but only with odd problems or if you’re new to drywalling. Its a must read for those first timer to do a drywall.

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