Fuji Q3 Gold HVLP System

Fuji Q3 Gold HVLP Sprayer Review

Fuji Q3 Gold HVLP Sprayer Review

The Features

The Q3 GOLD™ system has the added feature of extensive noise-reduction. The Fuji noise reduction method is patented in the USA.  Noise is reduced by over 50% making this the quietest 3-stage turbine available today.  The Q3 GOLD™ 3-stage turbine develops approximately 6.5psi. This system is ideal for Cabinet Makers and Furniture Refinishers. Perfect for any type of fine-finishing.At 15ft the Q3 GOLD™ Turbine is only 62 dba, at 20ft is it 59 dba. Normal Conversation is 60 dba.

  • Fuji T-Series Spray Gun Gravity Cup
    Fuji T-Series Spray Gun Gravity Cup

    Comes with the 1.3mm aircap set (others can be bought, see top of this article for links).

  • Stainless Steel fluid components
  • 3 Stage Motor (note, Q4 is the four stage motor)
  • Warranty is 24 months, parts and labor

My Thoughts

Transportation.  Traveling with the Fuji Q3 Gold can be a bit awkward.  The gun, the turbine, the hose and other parts and pieces are loose and there is no way to easily bundle them together for transportation.  It’s not a huge deal but I mention it because I am familiar with the ease of transporting the Graco 9.5 HVLP system I use frequently.

The T-Series Gravity Feed Gun.  The T-Series gun is an all metal gun (except the handle) and is well designed.   It is light and easy to maneuver around your projects and it is simple to take apart and clean.  I think the biggest strength of the gun is its adjustability which gives you an incredible amount of control.  The Pattern Control Nob is great when you need to shape the fan to accommodate your projects.  The trigger assembly is fluid and easy to control.  Overall, I’m a big fan of the T-Series gun.  Note, I didn’t test the Bottom Feed version, just the gravity feed.

The Turbine.  The three stage turbine is reasonably quiet as advertised.  However, compared to my Graco 9.5 HVLP system, the air pressure is not as high and the paint does not atomize as well as I would like in some cases.

The Hose.  The hose is fairly rigid which makes working with the gun a bit challenging.  I would consider adding the flex hose to this system to give you more control in moving around your projects.

The Net Net.  The turbine is good and the gun is great.  It is an essential system for wood workers, furniture and cabinet re-finishers, etc.  I love this system and use it regularly.  Consider buying the smaller aircap.  If you don’t like how the paint is atomizing after you have begun a project you can switch caps.

2 thoughts on “Fuji Q3 Gold HVLP Sprayer Review”

  1. Robert David Schindell

    Manual for Fuji Q3 Gold. Need to repair turbine. Need parts break down. Thank you. Robert

    1. Hey Robert! This would be a better request for the manufacturer. I don’t have access to current operating manuals for this or any products unfortunately.

      Hope you’re staying healthy and safe,


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