Irritrol Rain Dial Controller Installed RD600-EXT-R

Irritrol Rain Dial Irrigation Controller

Irritrol Rain Dial Irrigation Controller Product & Installation Overview

Installing, replacing or simply re-configuring your Irritrol Rain Dial controller can save a ton of hassle and water.  We’ll walk through just how easy it is to replace or to install an Irritrol rain dial watering controller.  The model we installed is the RD600-EXT-R but the instructions will be virtually identical for many of the other outdoor models such as the RD900-EXT-R and RD1200-EXT-R.  The only thing that changes is the number of stations or individual water valves that the unit controls.

Project Overview

Irritrol Rain Dial Out Of Box

Step 1:  Get your materials.  Depending on your home irrigation configuration, you will need to get the right Irritrol controller.  Essentially they come in 6, 9 and 12 station models.  Each station will be wired to a control valve to turn water on and off to a given watering zone.  Depending on how many watering valves or zones you have, buy the right controller.  Also, make sure to have some anchoring hardware on hand to mount the unit as well as a tube of caulk to patch any holes.  You might also want to have matching house paint to do any touch up (optional).

Step 2:  Old Timer Removal & Prep.  TURN OFF THE POWER!  First rule in any home improvement project, make sure your high voltage is turned off, test and then test again.  Once that is done, disconnect the high voltage power, then disconnect each station cable and make sure to label them.  Don’t cut or break the wires to make sure you have enough length to reassemble.  Knowing which station is associated with which watering ZONE is very helpful when you reconnect the new controller and then configure the watering meter.  Lastly, unscrew the old Water Station from the wall and remove it (see picture below).

Irritrol Rain Dial New Unit InstalledStep 3:  Fill old holes with caulking.  Depending on how old the house is, you might find several holes underneath your old watering controller as I did.  You can use caulk or ready made stucco patch material to repair.  Just depends on what kind of siding you have on your house (see picture below).

Step 4:  Install the New Irritrol Rain Dial.  Fasten the controller securely against the house making sure that any conduits and cables fit neatly and safely into the unit.  Next, connect the high voltage using new wire nuts and then replace the water tight cover to the electrical junction box.  Lastly, connect each station making sure to annotate somewhere so you can configure each zone appropriately.

Step 5:  Turn Power On, Configure & Test.  Once all the station cables are reconnected, close everything up and turn the high voltage power back on.  Time to configure the device!  Configuring is a bit tricky but the directions included will walk you through the process.  Don’t forget to build more than one profile.  As the seasons change, you will likely need more or less water depending.  This is a great way to save water and lower your watering bill.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

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2 thoughts on “Irritrol Rain Dial Irrigation Controller”

    1. Hey John! I missed this!! So sorry for the long delay in responding.

      This was Schedule 40 PVC. It was existing from the previous install so I just reused what was there.
      I typically use the grey Schedule 40 found in the electrical isle for both low voltage and high voltage.
      Not sure if its required by code but wanted to be on the safer side.
      Check you local codes.

      Hope this helps and again, so sorry for missing this.


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