Kitchen Design Trends

TCA 002: Kitchen Design Trends Tips and Tricks with Dee Ogburn

In this episode we are joined by Dee Ogburn who brings her 26 years of kitchen design experience to the table and we discuss all things Kitchen Design and Kitchen Design Trends.  Whether you are building a new home, remodeling an existing home or just want to know whats hot and whats not, this is the podcast for you.

Kitchen Design Trends

Below you will find the show notes with their associated time stamps.  This will allow you to jump around the podcast to find the topics that are most interesting and relevant to you.

00:27  Introduction

  • I have found kitchen builds and remodels to be some of the most rewarding projects, probably because I love cooking and entertaining.
  • Dee Ogburn joins us with 26 years of kitchen design experience, all focused on residential design.  She has been on the bleeding edge of design, working on model homes and builder design centers.  Dee currently works for Strathmore Floors, Design & Cabinets which is a company out of North Carolina.  She has won numerous awards, and we’re very luck to have her!

02:45 Kitchen Cabinet Colors & Cabinet Styles

  • White, clean lines, timeless, very popular.
  • Styles are less fuss, flat panel, shaker style, very simple.
  • Grey is the new neutral, starting to see it work into every aspect of the kitchen.
  • Deep dark rich brown colors, no red tones for contrast to the white.
  • Dual cabinet colors, white wall cabinets and a cappuccino colored island.

04:52 Kitchen Wall Colors

  • Sherwin-Williams paints are BOTH of our favorites.  Wall paint (latex) as well as some of their industrial finished for cabinetry.
  • Some of Dee’s Favorites (mentioned in the podcast);
  • Some of Dee’s Favorites (not mentioned in the podcast);

07:02 Kitchen Islands, Double Islands & Island Layout

  • If space allows a double island is the way to go.  You will see one island is the “working” island and the second island tends to be the “social” island.
  • New construction & remodeling moving towards an open floor plan, open to another room.  This results in appliance layout on the perimeter including cooking surfaces.  Cooking surfaces on islands are trending away.
  • Style of islands is trending to creative unique pieces that are starting to resemble furniture.  Islands that have decorative panels, built in seating, secondary appliances including bar fridges and wine fridges are common.

12:01 Kitchen Flooring Options

  • Trends on flooring tends to be regional.  Wood floor is still very popular even in the kitchen however its not my first choice.  Deep, dark colors work great.
  • Preference is tile in the kitchen because of the number of design choices.
  • Grey wood and tile are becoming VERY popular.  Distressed wood is also very popular and trendy.
  • Non traditional shapes are very cool and offer a unique design element.
  • Great article on wood grained porcelain tile floors.

16:12 Kitchen Counter Tops & Back-splash Design

  • Quartz products are very popular, man made, easy to clean, variety of colors.   Two brands to check out are Silestone and Caesarstone.  Very clean line look that is trending with cabinets.
  • Granite is still a leader in the space, variety in style, color and price point.  Seeing a lot of granite with “movement” also called an exotic.
  • Granite textures such as honing, texturing, edge treatment options.
  • Back-splash options are endless.  Decktop is the best design idea.  The 3″ or 4″ boarder is no longer necessary.  The big idea with the back-splash is HAVE FUN!  This is a great way to customize your kitchen and if a new home owner doesn’t like it, it can be changed.

22:18 Kitchen Sinks & Kitchen Faucets

  • Under mount sinks are very popular especially when there are granite or quartz counter tops.
  • Apron front or farmhouse style (front exposed) is incredibly hot right now.  Seeing them done in porcelain, stainless and copper.  Lots of options.
  • Industrial style, goose neck, high arch faucets are all very popular right now.
  • Love the Moen line, quality parts and quality products.

27:55 Kitchen Lighting

31:13 Kitchen Appliances

  • Full depth refrigerators can ruin your design!  Ensure a clean look, counter depth refrigerator.  Cabinet depth refrigerators have improved dramatically recently and have all the door configurations you might want.
  • Wine refrigerators are being installed in virtually every part of the kitchen depending on customer’s requests.
  • Favorite new appliance, MICROWAVE DRAWER.
  • Another very cool and popular appliance is DISHWASHER DRAWERS.

35:37 Kitchen Design, Resale Value & The Gas vs. Electric Decision

  • Dee shares her thought on your decisions and resale value and gas vs. electric in the kitchen.

37:30 Kitchen Finishes, Slow Close Hinges & More

  • Number one option requested is full extension, cushion close drawers.  The same goes for slow close hinges on cabinet doors.  A high end feature that doesn’t cost a ton of money.
  • Trash can and recycling can drawers are very popular.
  • Deep drawers are very popular right now.
  • Finishes are all over the board; bronze, brushed nickel and believe it or not, polished chrome is making a big comeback.

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