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Rev-A-Shelf Trash Can

Rev-A-Shelf Trash Can | Double Bottom Mount Aluminum Waste Containers


Dimensions.  You’ll want to account for depth, height and width of the unit so lets tackle that first.  As you can see from the pictures below, this unit will fit into much bigger kitchen cabinets, it will just leave some unused space on either side, back or the top.

  • Depth – This unit will fit into all standard depth kitchen cabinets.  The type of cabinet you have (inset or overlay) should not make a difference.  My unit installed perfectly and I still had 1/2″ of space left to go just in case it need to slide back further.
  • Width – Within reason, it can be as wide a cabinet as you want.  You can see here that this unit was installed in a 21.5″ wide cabinet with no problems.
  • Height – With garbage cans installed, the height of the unit is 19″ high.  As you can see from the picture, and as I can confirm, installation and use in a 20″ high cabinet works perfectly leaving you about one inch in clearance.  That said, this is WITHOUT lids.

Door Installation.  Getting the door installed properly with the right gaps can be a pain in the neck.  A couple tricks you might use include using double sided tape to space and adhere the door to the shelf unit so that you can drill holes for the screws.  I went with the old, measure a whole bunch, drill once.  I was still off by about 1/16″ of an inch so I had to do some final adjustments.  Take your time.

More Info.  For more information, CLICK HERE!  This will take you to the product website.

My Thoughts

Great Quality, Smooth Operator.  This unit is ROCK SOLID.  There is absolutely no wiggle or movement to the unit once installed and the slow close mechanism works like a charm.

35 Quart Cans.  What a great upgrade from the 27 quart cans!  I find that I run garbage out to the cans much less frequently now than I used to.

Looks Great.  Really nice addition to the kitchen, the brushed aluminum frame is sharp looking and the grey/silver cans should fit in with virtually any kitchen color scheme.

The Features

It’s all about the smooth sliding system with the 5349 Series. This assortment of single and double stainless steel or polymer waste containers features heavy-duty brushed aluminum soft-closing slides that provide exceptional support and stability eliminating that side-to-side movement and a fully adjustable (10″ High) door mount frame.

  • Door mount kit included to mount cabinet door to waste container.
  • Features full-extension soft close ball-bearing slides.
  • Optional door mount extenders that allow mounting to brackets to thick portion of cabinet door
  • Optional lids available.
  • Premiere Double 35 Quart Waste Containers (Silver).
  • Removable container(s) for easy cleaning underneath.

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