Introduction to The Construction Academy

TCA 001: Introduction to The Construction Academy and Chris Holbrook

In this episode we will spend just a few minutes getting to know Chris Holbrook the founder of The Construction Academy including what inspired him to found the company in the first place.  We also discuss Chris’s favorite trade (carpentry) and discuss in some detail his vision for the future of

Introduction to The Construction Academy and Chris Holbrook

Below you will find the show notes with their associated time stamps.  This will allow you to jump around the podcast to find the topics that are most interesting and relevant to you.

00:27 Introduction

  • The tables are turned on Chris.  The interviewer becomes the interviewee.

01:10 Introduction & Background on Chris Holbrook

  • A brief introduction of Chris Holbrook, his background from college until today including;
    • His experience as a project manager and then how that translated into construction management.
    • A bit on the company he founded in the technology services and education space called cPrime, Inc.  (

04:11 The Inspiration for The Construction Academy (

  • Began as a resource center for home owners, DIY’ers and construction professionals.
  • Big thanks to Jay O’Dea from Property Service Company who gave me the confidence to get this thing off the ground.
  • More big thanks to David Cervenka who introduced me to the website and a guy named Pat Flynn who educated me on building a niche website.

06:07 What Is Your Favorite Trade?

  • Carpentry and Finish Carpentry, that and learning to spray Cab Acrylic and Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer from Sherwin-Williams.
  • Favorite Saying, “Caulk and paint makes what a Carpenter ain’t.”  Learn it, love it, live it.
  • That’s not where it ends though.  Plumbing, drywall, tile, demolition, I have experience with them all.

09:50 What is the Vision for The Construction Academy?

  • The core focus of residential real estate construction will remain the same.
  • The move from written, to audio to video.  Its a visual world out there and I think video is the best mechanism to address education needs in this space.
  • Education will be a core focus.  The ability to pass knowledge will be an exiting thing to continue to expand and mature.
  • We are going to STAY ON THE bleeding edge of technology and find ways to improve the way in which we interact with the world as home builders.

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