Toto Clayton Toilet

Toto Clayton Toilet Review

Toto Clayton Toilet

The Features

Vitreous china elongated two piece toilet with 12″ rough-in.  Tank cover, fittings, color matched and chrome plated trip lever, mounting covers included, less seat.

  • Traditional design two piece toilet
  • The Clayton® Suite: Matching toilet, bidet and lavatories
  • Universal height for maximum comfort
  • (EF Model Only) E-Max® Flushing System (1.28GPF / 4.8 LPF)
  • G-Max® Flushing System: Quiet, powerful, commercial grade flushing performance
  • Upgrade with a Traditional SoftClose® seat or a Washlet®
  • Fast Flush: Wide 3” flush valve is 125% larger than conventional 2” flush valves
  • ADA Compliant
  • (EF Model Only) CalGreen compliant
  • Large water surface

My Thoughts

Design/Looks.  I originally bought these toilets because I loved the square look and there just wasn’t much on the market that was comparable.  I think the Toto Clayton Toilet has a very flexible look, it can fit with both modern and classic design themes.  The fit and finish is absolutely fantastic and if you’re so inclined, you can upgrade to a different finish on the flush lever.

Price.  A bit on the high end of the price range for this type of two piece toilet but frankly you get what you pay for.  If you’re flipping a house, go with the $200 per toilet option, if its for you, spend the money.

Standard vs. Eco Flush.  Although there is a difference in the amount of water used per flush I personally cannot tell the difference in the operation of the toilet.  I have installed three of each and they all function perfectly and I have not had a single issue.

Slow Close Seat.  A MUST upgrade for these toilets.  If you have never had or used a toilet with a slow close seat do yourself a favor and make the upgrade.  No more slamming seats, protects kids from slamming them on their hands, etc.  Absolute must have upgrade.

Installation.  Installation is not very difficult but plan on about one hour per toilet.  Rushing will definitely lead to an expensive mistake.  A couple of items here.  First, I had some leaking around the large o-ring gasket that slides on the bottom of the tank.  To remedy, I used a small bead of clear silicon and reapplied the gasket.  Second, don’t over tighten.  I made this mistake once and cracked a tank.  Very expensive mistake.  Lastly, buy and use the over sized wax rings, I promise you won’t be sorry you did.

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